The stilts (Poles 175-200 diameter) are H4 CCA treated. H4 CCA treatment is specially for external use. The base frame is constructed from S5 grade timber 228 x 38 mm bearers. Main bearers are bolted to the stilts with 12 mm treaded rod. Every stilt gets planted +- 900 mm deep and stands on top of a footing block (Concrete block). 450 mm of the ground is standard but we can build up to 3m


The floor is a 22mm Tongue & Groove SA Pine which is fitted on to floor beams (76 x 38mm), spaced 450 mm from center. The floor planks are fitted with 63 mm oval nails.


The floor is a 22mm Tongue & Groove SA Pine which is fitted on to floor beams (76 x 38mm), spaced 450 mm from center. The floor planks are fitted with 63 mm oval nails.

Internal Walls

The internal walls are manufactured from S5 grade timber 76 x 38 mm. The uprights of the internal walls are spaced 600 mm center to center. After installation the frame gets cladded with 12 mm Rhinoboard drywall. The drywalling gets plastered over the joints before paint work. (Painting of walls not included), Vermont Nutec is also available for interior cladding.

Wooden Wall Panels (Frame)

The wall panels are manufactured with S5 grade timber which is CCA treated. CCA treatment is a waterborne copper chrome arsenic preservative used for preserving timber. During the treatment process the three active ingredients are carried into the wood by the water. Each has a function to perform: Copper is the fungicide to prevent rot, Arsenic is the insecticide to prevent insect attack and Chrome fixes them both to the timber in a chemical reaction. When the treatment process is over and the timber is dry the fixation is permanent thus keeping the chemicals from washing out.

Construction of wall panels

The frame gets built with 114 x 38 mm S5 grade timber, uprights are spaced 400 mm center to center. On the external side of the frame it gets covered with 250 microns damp seal (Plastic). 32 mm Log profile timber which is V5 graded gets cladded on to the frame with the damp seal in between. On the internal side of the frame sisolation gets fixed before 12 mm Rhinoboard drywalling is installed.


6.4 mm Rhinoboard ceiling with bishop strips is used, the ceiling board gets fitted onto the 38 mm battens which are spaced 400 mm apart. The sisolation gets fitted into the roof cavity.


All windows are manufactured form Meranti timber. Two types of window frames can be fitted: Meranti awning full pane (Standard) or Meranti cottage pane (add.) with factory fitted burglar bars (Additional). Aluminum windows can also be fitted which is maintenance free.

External Doors

All external doors are manufactured from Meranti timber. There is a choice of two types of external doors: Double French door (When in open position 1.8 m) or a Sliding door (When in open position 0.900 mm). These doors can either be full pane (Standard) or cottage pane with no burglar bars (Additional).

Internal Doors

All internal doors are fitted in Meranti door frames. The internal doors are standard 3.2 mm hardboard (Hollow core) interior doors.


Internal doors are fitted with 2-lever and external doors with 3-lever locks.


Engineer designed trusses, which is gang nailed are used for construction. A certificate will be supplied for the construction and installation of the roof.


Although all timber is CCA treated (Specially for exterior use), the house gets painted with Silkwood M2. Silkwood M2 is an oil based product that penetrates the timber.. Silkwood M2 is not a varnish and does not peel. Silkwood M2 can also be used to treat Meranti wooden doors and frames. The Silkwood can be applied with a normal brush. Maintenance and material cost of Silkwood treatment is fairly low.

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